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What Are The Quietest Vibrators?

Despite what  some people might tell you, there is no such thing as a SILENT vibrator. No way. But there are quieter ones and this list below should help. Of course, keep in mind that over time, as vibrators get rattled around and used and dropped and used some more, they’ll start to get louder.

1. Lelo vibes (NeaSiriGigiIris) - In addition to being beautifully designed, made of silicone (in the case of Siri, Gigi and Iris) and fully rechargeable, these vibes are also very quiet. They’ll also run you in the rage of $85-$136, but they are worth every penny.

2. Blush Finger Vibe - What has three speeds, four pulse settings, a silicone sleeve and is waterproof? This vibe!  Just slip it on your finger, choose a setting and enjoy clit stimulation without having to grasp anything! As a bonus, the sleeve is removable for cleaning (or if you ever want/need to replace the vibe).

3. Gyrating vibes - Professor Plum and Jumpin’ Gyrator Bullet. These vibes operate at a lower frequency than most vibrators, making them less “zingy” and more “rumbly.” It’s a unique sensation in a vibrator, good for people who like a less intense vibration, and it also makes these vibrators much quieter than most…

4. Delight - Another awesomely designed, partly silicone rechargeable vibrator. This one is shaped for g-spot stimulation but can also be used for clitoral!

5. Dolly Risque G and Patchy - are a few of our cute vibes that are all great for internal or external fun!

6. Kandy Kisses and Muse both pack quite a wallop but are very quiet. Plus they're both adorable and rechargeable!

Keep in mind that hard plastic vibes, especially the bigger ones, tend to be the loudest. If you are looking for quiet and none of the ideas above turn you on, small and/or soft toys are good places to start. The bigger and harder the plastic, the louder the toy usually is.

So go have yourselves some super-secret quiet fun! Shhhhh!