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Small Silicone Sucker

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A little sucker!

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So this little, simple toy, originally designed for nipples, turns out to actually be a great jack off sleeve for trans guys and an awesome clit toy for anyone!

Read our reviewer's great review below!


Buckle up kids because this is the toy we've been waiting for.

Honestly, I've been waiting my entire sexually active life for something that works as well as this - and it's so simple! To start, I'd only recommend this to AFAB people who have had a significant amount of growth. Despite being on the bigger side of things, jack-off sleeves just don't work for me. I hate the lack of suction and it's hard to get yourself inside of them even if you have some growth. I've long been envious of people with penises who can use stroker toys that feel like getting head, but this is the closest equivalent I've ever found for transmasc/AFAB people. I've found it works best when you put some lube around the opening and a little bit on your body as well. You squeeze the bulb to push the air out, put yourself into the hole, and let the bulb go - this sucks you inside. You might have to do this a few times to find the angle that works for you, but oh my god the first time it happened I swore there was someone in my room going down on me. Once you're inside, you can either simply pull up and down on the entire toy, or continue to squeeze and release the bulb which feels like someone sucking on you (this is why lube helps!). The suction is so good that I decided to try it as a DIY pump, and could literally walk around my house with it attached and no loss of suction. TBH this is the best toy I've ever used and when I couldn't find it for a day I legit teared up and had my credit card out to buy a new one. You need it.

Pros: incredible suction, extremely affordable, small and discreet 
Cons: it seems hard to get fully dry after washing (though I haven't noticed any kind of smell/mold/etc.)

 Note: if you order a set of two you save! But it will come packaged as "Nipple Suckers"

Additional Information

Vegan Vegan
Manufacturer California Exotic Novelties

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