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Tips for Seasoned Lovers

Welcome to Early to Bed's Sex for Seasoned Lovers page!

At EtB we belive that anyone can have a healthy sex life way into thier golden years. For some, aging can lead to issues that make sex a little more tricky than before. For some folks, getting older also means feeling free to tap into new desires.  We want to help you make sex exciting, fun and maybe just a little easier, so we have gathered some of our most populer items for the seasoned set. Of course, everything on our site can be used by adults of all ages, but these are things that we have found most helpful and approachable for folks who are begining thier sex toy journey a little later in life. We have also listed toys that are easy to use when arthritis or other issues may impare some functionality.  You can shop for all these items in one place by clicking here. 


While personal lubrication is a versitile product that can be helpful at any age, women in partcialur find they may need more lubrication as they go through menopause. As hormones fluctuate some women expierecne vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis) which is the  thinning and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to a decline in estrogen1. This can make penetrative sex painful for many. A little bit of good lube can really help make using a sex toy, masturbation or partnered sex a lot more pleasant. Some women find they even need a small amount lube on a dailiy basis just to make day to day living more comfortable. Below you will find our top lube choices for safe, easy lubrication whenever you need it. 

sliquid SatinSliquid Satin is our top choice for a water-based lubricant. Is is specially formulated to be extra gentle for delicate tissues and safe enough to use every day to relive dryness. It also makes a great lube to use with any sex toy or body part. 


Blossom Organics

Blossom Organics is another super-safe, ph-balance lube that we recommend. It has organic ingredients and is formulated to be very gentle. This is a water-based lube as well. 

uberlubeSome folks perfer a silicone-based lube over a water-based one as they are water-proof and last a really long time. The formulas for Silicone lubes vary less than water-based lubes, so you'll find most of them feel very similar. That said, our top choice for silicone is Uberlube. It is made by a small, ethical company and comes packaged in an elegant glass bottle that looks discreet on your bedside table. 

Some women may also find that thier orgasmic response is affected by age and orgasms may be harder to come by. Lots of folks enjoy vibrators to help with this but there are also topical gels that can be applied directly to the clitoris to enhance sensation. Our favorite is Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel which helps increase blood flow to your senstive parts and does it with all natural ingredients. 

For more information on personal lubricants, see our All About Lubes page.


lunaThroughout our life, keeping a toned pelvic floor will help maintain health, prevent incontenince and help with orgasmic response. We have some tools to make keeping women's pelvic floor toned easy. There are products like Luna Beads and Ami Balls  which can be inserted to help with Kegals excercises. We also have some wand-style items that can not only be used for toning but also just plain old insertable fun. 

You can read more about Kegel Excercises here.


As some gentleman age (or when they suffer prostate issues), they may find thier erections aren't as easy to achieve or maintain as they used to be. Of course there are phamicuidcals like Viagra and such, but if you are looking for less medical solution, we have some options.

Penis Pumps are a great way to help someone gain an erection if they are having difficultties "getting it up". They are very easy to work; you put your penis in a clear cylender, press the pump to extract the air and that helps to draw blood into your penis giving you an erection. Once you have achieved your erection, you can put a penis ring around the base of your penis (to help maintain the erection), remove the pump and then proceed with your solo or partnered activity. We carry two high quality devices.

size matters pump

The Size Matters Pump is a very high quality device that comes with a cylinder, pump with gage and cockring. Use a little water-based lube at the base for a secure fit . 

We also offer the Adonis Pump which is more afforadable and easy to use.

The Mayo Clinic has a great page on why using a penis pump is a good alternative to medicine and surgery. You can read it here (external link)

Please note though that penis pumps do not, despite some cliams to the contrary, make your penis any larger. 

Penis Rings (more commonly called Cock Rings)

lassoWorn at the base of the penis, behind the testicles, a cock ring helps maintain an erection by restrciting the blood flow back out of the penis. You can start with a really simple, adjustable one like the Cock Lasso or our Stretchy Cockring Set. There are also leather, vibrating and other styles in our Cock Ring dept. You can read more info on the topic here.

Note: If you are having erectile issues for the first time you should mention them to your Dr. as in some cases they can be signs of a more serious medical issue. 



There are tons of reasons why folks at any age would want to enjoy a sex toy; to make solo time more fun, to help achieve orgasm quicker or easier, to spice up partnered sex or to just have FUN. As some people age, having an orgasm can be a little more of a challenge so sex toys like masturbation sleeves, prostate stimulators and vibrators can become helpful tools. Certainly all the toys we carry can be used by anyone, but some may find that as they get older, the appeal of easy-to-use, reliable toys grows. We have also found that many oler women are lookig for thinner, slicker insertable toys as they maybe more comfortable. To make it easy for you to find toys that fit this criteria, we have grouped all our top choices in one shopping section that you can see here


Naked at Our AgeBooks and movies can be great way to continue to explore your sexulaity, try new things and help deal with issues that may come up. Naked at Our Age is a great place to start if you want to read more about sex later in life. It is a book full inspiring stories and great information about sex after 60. In fact, the author, Joan Price is a rock star when it comes to this topic and you follow her on her blog here (external link). She also has a new collection of erotic tales featuring mature folks. Its called Ageless Erotica and you can see it here

We also have a great selection of instructional books if you want to explore a new topic. If you are finding sex painful, we love the book When Sex Hurts if you want to learn more about female orgasm in general, we recommend The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women. If the idea of anal or prostate play is intriguing, Anal Pleasure and Health is a well-written tome  that has been a trusted resouce for years. 

If you are looking to get some erotic inspiration from adult films, we have a very carefully curated collection full of movies that are explicit and super sexy but also well-made and woman and couples-friendly. Bill and Diseree is a docu-porn that fetures a mature couple sharing thier love story and thier passionate sex life on film. Life Love Lust is a beautifully shot film that is a great first time adult movie choice for many people. And of course we have lots of Instructional DVDs that can teach you new tricks while also sparking your libido with explict imagry. 

We hope you will find Early to Bed a safe and comfortable place to explore your sexuality at any age and if you ever have questions that you can't find answeres to or need help picking out a toy just for you, please let us know! You can call us toll-free at 866-585-2233 or email anytime! 

 (1) Source: Mayo Clinic Website