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Candy Pants

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Why do they even make these? Review by DeAnn
OK kids, biology lesson time! The vagina is a delicate ecosystem. There are probiotics that keep it healthy inside. However, upsetting that natural balance leads to one of those organisms growing out of control. Yeast and bacteria LOVE sugar. Why would you put sugar against your vajayjay? Perhaps you WANT intense, burning itching a few days afterwards? Look, this is playing with fire (sugar, whatever) and I implore you to wear the candy bra with your favorite neon fabric G-String (cotton, preferably) to prevent a fun night from going horribly awry shortly afterwards. I haven't actually bought or owned this item, but I know enough to keep things like candy, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream away from a place that I can't scratch in public. This PSA brought to you by science! (Posted on 3/29/13)

1 Item(s)

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