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This not actually a How to Make Your Penis Bigger article. More like a Why You Can't Really Make Your Penis Bigger piece. But DON'T LEAVE! We are sharing this info not to be killjoys but because the number one question we get at Early to Bed is "Do you sell anything to make my Penis bigger?" so clearly this info needs some sharing.

First let's get this straight... the average adult male penis is 5.6 inches (according to a recent survey of 1,661 men)(1)  long when erect. Yes, just under 6" long. Funny how the word seems to think that the "average" size is something like 7" or 8".  And what you see in porn? Those are not usually "average" sized dicks- that is why those guys are in porn! So yes, porn might be showing you rods that are longer & stronger than yours, but that is only the tip of the iceberg of what is exaggerated in porn.  So before we move on, just remind yourself that very few members of the population are walking around with 9" cocks stuffed in their pants.

But still, you may feel like having more length and/or girth would help you feel better about yourself, get you more action and/or please your partner better, so what are you options? Well there are numerous ones out there, most of which will cost you and some that may hurt you, but so far, none have any scientific proof of making your dick longer forever. Let's take a look, shall we?

Jelquing This is actually one of the free options out there. Basically an exercise that supposedly, when done regularly and 100% correctly will result in HUGE growth. Basically you pull on your penis real hard a whole lot. They have some science-y explanation (and a dick Dr. that you can pay for skype sessions with) but no one I talked to with knowledge of human physiology thinks it makes too much sense. Also, think about this, if pulling on your penis made it bigger, wouldn't like, everyone with a cock have a HUGE one by now? But there are lots of people on the internet who claim it works and hell, it's free so if you wanna give it shot, it probably won't hurt ya. But remember, if it worked, you probably would have heard of it by now already and it would not be free.horney

Pills & Supplements There are lots of people out there who would be thrilled to sell you some penis enlargement pills. As a sex shop, we get calls from vendors all the time trying to get us to carry Zeus, Max Size or whatever snake oil they are selling. When we say "we don't carry dick pills" 90% of the time their response is "But don't you want to make money?"(2), not "but these really work! We have science to prove it! and FDA approval". Never. Never have I been pitched a penis pill with science as the motivator for us to carry it. And since they are not regulated, who the flibber knows what is really in them. Chances are they are harmless and some may have some ok herbs with links to libido enhancement  but I assure you they will not make your penis bigger.(3)  They will however, fatten the wallets of whomever sold it to you.

Surgery There are a couple of surgical options for lengthening or widening your penis, but any surgery has risks and dick surgery is no exception. Is it worth risking a lifetime of erectile issues, nerve damage or worse just for a few more measly centimeters or inches? There are not a lot of widely done studies on the effects of penis enlargement surgery and many folks recommend against  it. There is some more detailed info on the surgeries and risks here. Using one's penis for pleasure, not matter how small it is, is one of the amazing benefits of having a dick in the first place. Are you really willing to risk that sensation and function?se-1007-20-3_1

Pumps Ah penis pumps. So much misinformation, so many billions of dollars made off of false hopes. Often labeled as Penis Enlargers, penis pumpscan do a great job of increasing blood flow to your cock and making your erection more full than without it. And if you have a hard time (pun intended) getting an erection in the first place, these can be a big help. So if you are happy with some temporary enhancement, go for it. I understand they feel pretty good too. But do not buy a penis pump with the expectation that you will actually make your penis actually larger.enlarger

Stretching Contraptions So they make a variety of devices that you wear for hours on end on your penis to stretch it out. You have to wear them (sometimes with weights) for HOURS a day for MONTHS to see any gain in length and then, any gains you get are really just visible on your flaccid penis and make no real difference when erect. And think about fitting this thing (see left) under your pants all day.


Sigh. Have I depressed you? Don't despair yet! I have some ideas for you to love the cock you got:

Trim your bush and lose a few pounds (4)Many guys find that losing a little weight and getting their public hair under control can give the appearance of a bigger penis.

Try a sleeve For a temporary gain in inches and width, you can slip any one of a jillion penis extenders on your rod. Here are a couple of caveats though- you may lose some sensation (they are thick) and some  (many) are made of materials that you may not want to be exposing your partner/s to. So if you can, look for one that is 100% silicone or at least made of a material that is phthalate-free (5).

Learn some new skills For most folks great sex is more than just how much a penis can fill a hole. Sexually confident guys can find they are able to have amazing sex lives, even if their penis falls short of their (or their partner's expectations). I think it is a good reminder for all of us that sex is about pleasure and sensation, not who has the biggest, hardest dick. Sure, some folks love a good pounding now and then, but if you are an attentive lover, a lover who is able to give and receive passionately, chances are you will find that your cock size is no big thing. Bone up (tee hee) on some skills and focus on what you can do instead of what you think you are lacking.

Let it go Easier said than done I am sure, but you only get one penis in life (well except for this guy) so why not ignore our sizest, money-grubbing culture that feeds off of creating insecurities and be proud of your money maker. Dicks are awesome. Your dick is awesome just the way it is and a few more inches isn't going to change who you are or how people perceive you. Ok, fine- the truth is there will always be people who love a huge cock - who regard it as like the best thing ever.  But I personally guarantee you that millions of people love fucking awesome guys regardless of their penis size. (6) 


1- Journal of Sexual Medicine, July 10th 2013.

2- Yes, I do want to make money. But not by selling non-fda approved drugs that do nothing but capitalize on people's insecurities.

3- Side note... in the interest of "science" I took some "lady" libido enhancing pills once. All I feel was really weird and was told I was talking very fast when I thought I was speaking very slowly. Not sexy. At all.

4- For the record, we think you look great the way you are don't have to lose an ounce

5- Even phthalate-free toys have potential issues. For more info on toys materials see here

6- It is true. Just ask the millions of people who are currently fucking nice guys with small-to-average sized cocks.