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Kegel Exercises

Did you know that there is an exercise that you can do anywhere, any time, in front of anyone, that can intensify and improve your orgasms? It’s true! You can strengthen your pubococcygeus (mercifully abbreviated to “PC”) muscles just like you strengthen any other muscle, but without coughing up gym fees!

People of all genders have PC muscles… they’re an integral part of our body’s make-up, supporting all of our pelvic organs. The PC muscles are hammock-shaped and stretch from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tailbone), forming the floor of the pelvic cavity. These are the muscles you contract to stop yourself from peeing. They are also a huge part of orgasmic muscle contractions.

The exercises for developing PC muscles are called Kegel exercises (after Dr. Arnold Kegel, who “discovered” them) and they are very easy to learn. Basically, all you are doing is pretending to stop the flow of pee.

So. Clench your pee-stopping muscles. Do it! Yes, right now! No one is watching. There you go. Clench and unclench ten times in a row, playing with the length of time for each. Clench for two seconds, release for two. Clench and release 3 times in rapid succession, perhaps to the beat of your favorite song. You get the idea. Do three sets of 10 clenches, three times a day. That’s it! You can do these on the train, while watching TV, at work, anywhere! Just don’t do them while you’re actually peeing, because that could lead to urinary tract infections, which are no fun at all.

There are also toys you can purchase to help with Kegel exercises, such as the Energie kegel exerciser or the Njoy Pure Wand, which work pretty much like a regular barbell, except for the fact that one end is inserted into the vagina. Smart Balls are another good Kegel toy–they are jingling balls encased in silicone that are inserted into the vagina, where Kegels can be practiced by clenching and unclenching around the balls.

In no time you’ll notice your orgasms will increase in duration and intensity! Aside from the sexual benefits of exercising your PC muscles, these exercises have been proven to help with age-related and pregnancy-related incontinence. So easy and so good for you!