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The G-Spot: a user’s guide

It’s pretty disconcerting that we have launched into the 21st century and we still aren’t completely sure what a woman’s genitals look like. There’s a lot going on inside the ol’ pelvic floor, but what exactly that is, no one can really say. The most recent discovery in Australia in 2005 was that:

a) The clitoris, being an external and internal genital organ, rivals the penis in size, and

b) The internal portion of the clitoris is a mass of tissue bulbs that are shaped like a pyramid, and which wrap around the urethra and vaginal canal, and so...

c) The G-spot, isn’t a “spot” at all, but part of a much larger area packed full of erectile tissue!

I know what you’re thinking. This is all well and good for the Australian scientists, but I still don’t know how to stimulate my G-spot. Well, this spells out good news for you too! It means that when you are aroused, not only does your external clit glans become engorged with blood, but the whole mass of tissue forming your internal clit swells with blood and becomes more sensitive too! And this is the first lesson for G-spot spelunkers:

Get yourself turned on before you start looking! Not only is an aroused G-spot much easier to find and stimulate, but you’re also less likely to get frustrated looking for it if you’re already in a good mood. So… masturbate, watch a dirty movie or read some erotica, whatever it takes! You can bring in partners later, but for now, you need to figure out what makes you feel good.

Once you’re all warmed up, you can start feeling around… insert one finger into your vagina and feel around the upper wall (toward your belly button) about 1-2 inches inside. Your G-spot is about the size of a walnut and feels a little rough, like the roof of your mouth. It may feel weird when you press on it, like you have to pee. But unless you already have to pee, you’re feeling this just because you’re stimulating the same nerves that activate your bladder. If it will ease your mind, just make sure to pee beforehand.

Women who enjoy the sensation of having their G-spot stimulated often say that they like the sensation of pressure, as opposed to rubbing. So, experiment with sensations. Press on your G-spot, “thump” on it with your finger, rub it, insert a dildo or insertable vibrator (like Moka, Velvet G, or Thalia!) and stimulate it that way. (This can be easier than with your hand!) Play with your clit at the same time–no one said this has to be an either/or situation! You’re not “cheating” if you use all your tools! Play around! Have fun! And take your time… this is about experimentation and about your pleasure.

Many women say that as they become more aroused while stimulating their G-spot, the sensation to pee intensifies. This may be an indication that you will orgasm or even ejaculate. Try to stay with the sensation, strange as it may feel, because it just may result in an orgasm! And don’t worry! Ejaculate is not urine. It has the same composition as men’s ejaculate, minus the sperm.

One way to help yourself ejaculate is, as you start to feel as though you’re nearing orgasm, pull out your fingers/toy/etc. and bear down as if you were trying to pee. Often times this will push out the ejaculate–which could be a delicate dribble or a gushing geyser!

Orgasm is not the end-all be-all of G-spot stimulation, though. If you enjoy having your G-spot stimulated, just relax and keep doing it. Women who have had G-spot-centered orgasms often say that they seem to come from deep inside their bodies and last a little longer, but it varies from person to person. There is no right or wrong way to play with yourself, but practice makes perfect!