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All About Lube

Remember that old summer game Slip 'N Slide? Oh man was that a good time. A long latex slide that you unfurled on your buddy’s lawn and then made wet and slippery with the attached sprinklers? What’s not to love about that? Now picture playing on a Slip 'N Slide but leaving the sprinklers off. Why would you do that to yourself? OUCH!

I think you know where I’m going with this, but I’m going there anyway. Why deprive yourself of extra lubrication in your sexual play? Not everybody can be a perpetual fount of vaginal goodness. Vaginal lubrication is a complicated physiological process, dependent on so many factors, including, but not limited to stress, where you are in your menstrual cycle, and how much water you drank yesterday! How wet you get is not a reflection of how good you are in bed, how attracted you are to your partner, or even necessarily how turned on you are. 

If you are masturbating, regardless of your parts, you will probably find that a little lube on your hand, toy or household object makes that act more pleasant and enjoyable. 

And then of course there is anal sex. Our butts don’t produce any lubrication at all, so a good lube is essential to that act being fun (in fact, we think it shoul dbe a LAW that you have to use lube with anal sex). 

So rather than stress about it, why not add a little extra lube to the game no matter what? Wetter is better, and it gets much better than KY Jelly.

And so, without further ado...

The Early to Bed Awards for Best Lubes!


Best Lube for Sensitive Skin: Sliquid H2O. With only four ingredients, it is our simplest, most hypoallergenic lube. It is gentle, glycerin and paraben-free, super long-lasting, odorless, and tasteless! What’s not to love?

NOTE: Glycerin, which is an ingredient in many lubes, can cause irritation in some folks, so if you are sensitive, look for glycerin-free lubes

personal lube 

Best Anal Lube: Maximus! Some people swear by silicone lubes, but we love Maximus for its crazy thickness, which provides your butt with a cushion against injury. It is also long-lasting, even for a water-based lube!

NOTE: The thickness of Maxiumus makes it a great choice for using with toys too!

Best Flavored Lube: Swede Fruity Love! It comes in subtle Blueberry and Vanilla Cinnamon flavors. It adds a nice accent of sweetness without being too cloying. Very long-lasting, this flavored lube is also pH-balanced (and paraben-free) so as to be gentle on even the most sensitive bits.

Best Waterproof Lube: Überlube! Hands down, silicone is the funnest. This silicone lube is latex compatible and just will not quit! Use it in the bedroom or in the bath, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Just keep it away from those silicone toys, okay? Überlube is even made locally here in Chicago! 

NOTE: For years we have advised against using silicone lube with silicone toys, however recently  we have found that you can often use the two together. If you want to use Uberlube (or any silicone lube) with your 100% silicone toy, just do a small patch test first to be sure they are compatible. 

Best Organic Vegan Lube: Sliquid Organics. Want to treat your naughty bits AND the planet well? Try Sliquid Organics! Choose between Regular (100% water-based), Silk (mostly water-based but with 12% silicone to make it slipperier) and Sensation (warms up with friction), all with an added boost of organic hibiscus, flax, rose, and sunflower seed extracts.

Best Lube for Penis Only Fun: Stroke 29 has long be heralded as the ultimate masturbation cream. Super slippery and long last, it is mean for solo pleasure that feels amazing! It is made of oil so be sure to keep it out of vaginas and away from Latex.

NOTE: In general Oil is not great for vaginal tissues, it will make latex condoms usless and it is REALLY hard to clean off toys, so keep these lubes for your hand-only action.  

Best All-Around Lube: It’s a tie! Slippery Stuff and Sliquid H20 both win the prize! Both are water-based, glycerin-free and long-lasting. Slippery Stuff is a nice thick gel that stays where you want it and is easy on the wallet. Sliquid H20 has a great slipperiness and doesn;t get too sticky whenit dries out. Both are very gentleon your body and are the lubes that sell best in our Shop. We love them both!

There are no losers here, so if you just can’t decide, try one of our lube samplers and you get a little taste of our favorites!