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Lovers Knot Hemp Rope

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Comes in 15’ or 30' (6mm) lengths

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We love this natural bondage rope!

About Hemp Bondage Rope from Lovers Knot
"Derived from the Cannabis sativa L plant this very controversial product is slowly making a resurgence in the open consumer market. Hemp rope is extremely strong and durable; especially for bondage play. In general, hemp is a stronger and heavier fiber than jute, and has more stretch. The treatment that the Lovers Knot Rope Company puts our rope through creates a softer feel to the rope than is found with raw hemp while maintaining just enough texture for holding knots well."

Hemp Rope Maintenance from the Lovers Knot Rope Company

Hemp bondage rope may be washed in a washing machine. Use a netted laundry bag or pillow case to safely contain the rope. This prevents the hemp bondage rope from potentially damaging the washing machine agitator. Use a minimal amount of detergent to wash the load on a gentle cycle. Once the rope has been washed, loosely coil the rope and hang to dry. Alternatively, hemp bondage rope may be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

For light cleaning, pull the rope through a warm damp cloth.

Removing loose fibers
After cleaning, the hemp bondage ropes may have a number of fine loose fibers. These fibers are easily removed by running the length of rope over a small flame. Caution should be used when working the rope over the flame to avoid damaging the bondage rope. The rope should be moved with enough speed that only the fine fibers are burned off.

Oiling your hemp bondage ropes
Once your hemp bondage rope is dry, apply conditioning oils such as jojoba, mink or tsubaki oil. Choice of oil is a personal preference. However, make sure the oil selected will not turn rancid. Oil should be used sparingly to avoid saturating the rope, enough oil to provide a light coat over the rope is sufficient.

Other considerations for your hemp bondage ropes
Avoid exposing your hemp bondage ropes to sunlight for prolonged periods. Additionally, rope that is stored for extended periods of time should be stored in a cool dry location. Proper care of your bondage rope will allow you to enjoy many hours of play with your new hemp rope.

Photo courtesy of Lovers Knot Rope Company

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