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  1. Dirty Dice

    Dirty Dice

    Roll these dice & your chances for great sex are automatically doubled! One dice lists various body parts and the other dice tells you what to do to said parts. Learn More

  2. Hand Sanitizer
  3. I Dare You Game

    I Dare You Game

    From Sexpert Susie Bright, this beautiful gift box is full of 30 seductive activities or dares each sealed in an envelope ready for the taking. Learn More

  4. Kama Sutra Game

    Kama Sutra Game

    Looking for a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom? Or, maybe, you just wish you could somehow work the nostalgic simplicity of boardgames back into your life...with a little less of the bored. Learn More

  5. Lucky Love Dice

    Lucky Love Dice

    Contains 3 dice and 27 different stickers

    Oooh we are smitten with these sexy black dice that you get to design your self and the role to see where fate takes your erotic action!

    These come as a set of three with various stickers for your to put on each side, many of which are in French, English and Spanish (so you can get your language practice in too!).

    Learn More
  6. Secret VII Game

    Secret VII Game

    For folks looking to try new things.. this game is a fun and exciting way to get the action rolling! Learn More
  7. Sexy Truth or Dare

    Sexy Truth or Dare

    This racy game of Truth or Dare features 100 seductions that will heat up any couple’s love life in the bedroom and beyond. Learn More
  8. Spanish Dirty Dice

    Spanish Dirty Dice

    Practice your language skills with these sexy dice game. Learn More

  9. Tease Game

    Tease Game

    Looking for a fun game that two or more can play? Learn More

9 Item(s)

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