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Dutchz Hemp Rope Kit

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Two 26' lengths of 6 mm hemp rope plus safety shears.

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Two 8 meter (approx 26 feet) lengths of 6mm hemp rope, safety scissors and detailed care instructions in a burlap bag. The ends of the rope are knotted.

From the manufacturer:

This natural hemp rope has been lovingly hand-conditioned and is ready for use. It's been boiled, dried, stretched, broken, burnt, cleaned and oiled.

With a little handling it will become entirely soft to the touch.

Rope may be washed by hand in a bucket of 2 litres of hot water to 200 ml of vinegar. Massage and soak the loose rope for 10 minutes, rinse in clean watter, then hang to air dry naturally under its own weight.

Alternately, a laundry machine may be used by placing a couple loose coils of rope inside a mesh bag and washing on the delicates setting. Vinegar or a minimal amount of detergent may be used. Do not use the dryer! Hang to dry.

Store rope coiled neatly and firmly - never kinked or knotted. Keep it dry. Burn off loose fibers with a small flame.

Lightly oil the rope after washing or long periods of storage using food-grade mineral oil and a clean cloth. Place several drops of oil in a line on the cloth and wrap it around the rope. Pull the length of rope back and forth through the oiled cloth several times. Pull through a clean and dry fcloth to remove excess oil.


Note: this rope is not rated for being load-bearing.

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Vegan Vegan

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